IPL: Chennai super Kings Vs Bangalore Royal Challengers

Posted On April 20, 2009

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Chennai super Kings yet to win a match:

Today 20th April Chennai super Kings will face the Royal challengers. Royal challengers won the first match against the IPL champions Rajasthan Royals in their first match. This contest will be a superb as Royal challengers is in good nick, last year IPL star team Chennai still hoping to open their account. Dhoni’s men will face a real tough time in field as opponents are not so easy to Defeat. Dhoni can perform under pressure; can he deliver goods against these challengers? This match starts by 8pm, in Set Max. we should wait and see this match.

For more updates check IPL world.


Are you getting many spam mails, don’t get pissed off. Just reply that mail with 100 mails; you will not get any further spam from that company.YAHOO: do you know y this name came to existence, the abbreviation of this is “yet another hierarchical officious oracle”.

More than half of the Google searching pages come from America, around 2000 pages come per minute.

As per the survey at 2002 we got 7 spam mails daily, but now the spam mails are increased, don’t get shocked it is about 800+.

for more information check out tsk main page.

Some tips to spend time in your office

Posted On March 25, 2009

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If you find it very boring in the office, here are some tips: Then have a nice day. 1. Form a detective agency to find out who is quitting next.

2. Make blank calls to your Boss.

3. Send mails from lotus notes (outlook) to your internet mail (and immediately get to the internet and see who reaches first, you or yourmail?) and read them there, and note down the time they take to reach there. Then do vice versa…………. !!

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My graduation photos:

Posted On March 11, 2009

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Hi friends, after a long time I saw all of my college friends in my graduation day, this was a experience which I can’t forget in my life. I have uploaded the photos check that out if you are interested.




Download Internet Explorer 8 for free:

Microsoft is ready to launch internet explorer 8 soon. The testing version is available for free in its website. This testing version is free to download. This is of 17Mb in size. The free version is in the website http://www.microsoft.com/ie8.

When you click on download there are options for different OS. XP 32 bit, Vista 32bit and 64 bit, etc, server 2003 32 bits and 64 bit. There is no 64 bit XP version as that is so limited in sale.

Internet has become a part of our life. There for many browsers used to enter this internet world. Microsoft introduced Internet Explorer in its operating system. But many companies started to design new works on these browsers and gave Microsoft a good competition. So Microsoft has to design a good browser to stay in competition, this internet explorer 8 has many features inbuilt which will steal the market soon when it comes to sale.

When I used the free testing version I got struck by the features, some of the advantages I saw in that are:

  1. Tab opening: as many browsers have this feature in them Microsoft introduced this in ie7. But this is so effective in ie8.
  2. When we select a link and open that in a new tab, the tab is highlighted in a colure which shows the inter link between tabs.
  3. Accelerator has been provided in this browser which gives more speed in showing the webpage.
  4. When we highlight any text in a webpage we can see the related searches.
  5. Private Browsing: this is an option which we can use when we don’t want the histories of the searched WebPages to be stored.
  6. InPrivate Filtering: this will filter all the programs which will store the sites which we browse in internet.
  7. SmartScreen Filter: this acts against all the malwares and sperms that is in the browsing world. When it finds some WebPages that contain some malwares it shows it in red alert. So that we can stay away from that site.
  8. Compatible view: this option will be helpful if the website is designed in such a way to support only old browsers.
  9. Crash recovery option: by this option we can get the information which is lost due to sudden crash.
  10. Add- ons manager: this is used to control all the add-ons using WebPages.

Like this many features are there in Internet Explorer 8. Try this free version; it is very fast and protective. Click here to get this “IE8”.

A.R.rahman returned Home

Hi friends the Oscar winning music director A.R.rahman returned Chennai will huge smile on his face to Chennai Airport this morning. huge amount of fans where waited in his house and airport to get a glimpse to see the Oscar winning artist,

A.R.rahman won 2 Oscars for Slumdog millionaire. he is the first Indian to win two Oscars in a row. Friends if you wanna meet him just go to his house today and see him.

Azharuddin joins congress

Posted On February 19, 2009

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Former Indian cricket captain Mohammed Azharuddin Thursday joined the Congress but there was no decision on whether he will contest the upcoming elections.

Senior Congress leader Veerappa Moily “Azharuddin has joined the Congress today”, he also said “however, the party has not yet decided whether he will contest the upcoming Lok Sabha elections”.

‘There are no criminal cases lodged against him anywhere and it is Azharuddin who has filed a case against Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). Everyone is aware that there are a number of leaders in the opposition with criminal background,’ Moily added.

‘I am sure it (Congress) will do well. I don’t know where I will be standing from. I don’t decide that as I am not the captain anymore,’ Azharuddin told IANS ahead of his initiation.

Azharuddin, who captained India in three one-day international World Cups, He scored 6,215 runs in 99 tests and 9,378 runs in 334 one-day internationals in a career spanning 15 years.

How to reduce Stress:

Posted On February 16, 2009

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One of the greatest sources of stress is time. To successfully accomplish our many daily and weekly tasks. Think of time as a finite resource that all of us share equally: twenty-four–hours-a-day, seven-days-a -week, moving along at exactly the same speed, 365-days-a-year. We need to fit our activities and responsibilities into time’s schedule. Thinking about life this way is enough to stress out even the most organized and even-tempered of us!

To combat the boundaries of that ever present ticking clock, know that time management equals self-management. Here are some self-management strategies to help you better utilize your time, and, thereby, reduce your stress levels:

  1. Make prioritized lists of tasks you need to accomplish, and make them before you go to bed or just after you wake up.
  2. Estimate the amount of time that you think each item on your list will take to complete, and then add 15 percent to accommodate for unplanned delays and interruptions.
  3. Try to build “quiet hours” into your schedule, when you don’t take phone calls and visitors.
  4. Don’t put off decisions because additional information MAY fall from the sky sometime in the future. This procrastination tactic rarely pays off.

If you already do not do so, you may think about incorporating exercise into your daily routine to help in the fight against stress. Not only will this allow for time to clear your head, you will feel better, as well. Another method to battle stress is by employing basic relaxation techniques, such as yoga, breathing exercises, and transcendental meditation.

Use of Anti virus in companies:

Posted On February 15, 2009

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The answer which we all say is to detect the virus in case if any is present in the network or in a computer. I too thought of the same but one day I got the exact answer. It is used to detect the USB drives and CD’s which we use in our office computer.

In my office we use McAfee. It captures the usage of USB Drives and CD’s.  It reports the detection to the concern team which monitors the virus in our office network. The use of USB’s and CD’s are considered as a threat in companies. We think that this will not be monitored by any one, but each time you use a USB drive or any CD\DVD it will be seen by an Enterprise Security monitors.

McAfee also has the capability to monitor the programs installed.  As per the earlier reminder, all Software install should go through only by the company’s help desk. So no third party software/freeware/shareware is allowed to be installed.

So friends, be aware of this and avoid unnecessary issues in company. I hope this will be useful to all of you.

Best Valentine’s Day Poem

Posted On February 14, 2009

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