My graduation photos:

Posted On March 11, 2009

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Hi friends, after a long time I saw all of my college friends in my graduation day, this was a experience which I can’t forget in my life. I have uploaded the photos check that out if you are interested.



How to reduce Stress:

Posted On February 16, 2009

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One of the greatest sources of stress is time. To successfully accomplish our many daily and weekly tasks. Think of time as a finite resource that all of us share equally: twenty-four–hours-a-day, seven-days-a -week, moving along at exactly the same speed, 365-days-a-year. We need to fit our activities and responsibilities into time’s schedule. Thinking about life this way is enough to stress out even the most organized and even-tempered of us!

To combat the boundaries of that ever present ticking clock, know that time management equals self-management. Here are some self-management strategies to help you better utilize your time, and, thereby, reduce your stress levels:

  1. Make prioritized lists of tasks you need to accomplish, and make them before you go to bed or just after you wake up.
  2. Estimate the amount of time that you think each item on your list will take to complete, and then add 15 percent to accommodate for unplanned delays and interruptions.
  3. Try to build “quiet hours” into your schedule, when you don’t take phone calls and visitors.
  4. Don’t put off decisions because additional information MAY fall from the sky sometime in the future. This procrastination tactic rarely pays off.

If you already do not do so, you may think about incorporating exercise into your daily routine to help in the fight against stress. Not only will this allow for time to clear your head, you will feel better, as well. Another method to battle stress is by employing basic relaxation techniques, such as yoga, breathing exercises, and transcendental meditation.

Will Qutub minar lean as Pesa tower

Posted On December 4, 2008

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As leaning tower of Pesa in Italy, will our monument Qutub minar in Delhi lean over a side? This is the most asked question among archeologist in recent past. The news says that the basement of the Qutub minar is getting damaged by the rain water; due to this, the building is starting to slant itself due to the height and weight of its own.

The Qutub minar was built by the slave dynasty king Quitpudin in year 1193. The height of the tower is 237 feet. It has 379 steps. Due to earthquakes the top two floors has been slightly slanted and also continuously the basement is being damaged by the rain water.

To strengthen the basement, government decided to give cement concrete in the base. This gave enough strength to protect the building from the water tanks that are built around the tower. But this was not helping for long time, due to the continuous leakage from the tanks, the basement of this tower gets eroded and the tower started to push itself down slightly from up erect structure, now this tower stand slantingly by south west 25 inches.

When the tower was built it was constructed in an up straight position, but soon after few years the tower started to lean on one side. The root cause of this is because the soil is not stiff enough to hold the tall building. The archeologist found this in 1950. UNESCO also sends their team to research this issue, they found that their inner will not get any damage and will have no problem to the tower.